Zachary Elkins

Zachary Elkins

Professor of Government – University of Texas

Zachary’s research focuses on issues of democracy and institutional reform, with an emphasis on cases in Latin America. As Co-Director of the Comparative Constitutions Project, Zach recently collaborated with Google Ideas in launching Constitute – an online tool that enables anyone to search, and compare the world’s constitutions. Constitute was most recently awarded “Top 100 Most Inspiring Examples of Social Innovation” by the Nominet Trust List in 2014.

Zach has been involved in a number of efforts to assist drafters of constitutions in various parts of the world. Most of this work involves providing drafters with menu of reasonable options for any given set of provisions along with some expectation of the various consequences of these design choices.

Fields of Interest:

Comparative Politics, Research Methods, Constitutional Design, Democracy, National Identity


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