Yi Feng

Yi Feng

Professor of Government –
Claremont Graduate University

Yi Feng is the Luther Lee Jr. Memorial Chair in Government at Claremont Graduate University where he served as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (2006-2011) and Dean of School of Politics and Economics (2003-2006).

Yi Feng’s research focuses on political and economic development. He has published extensively on topics such as economic growth, investment, human capital, international trade, demographic transition, and political regime transitions in various economics and political science peer-reviewed journals. In his book, Democracy, Governance and Economic Performance, Yi examines the political determinants of economic growth and the relationship between democracy and quality of life. Feng systematically studies three variables of a political system—political freedom, political stability, and policy certainty—and relates them to economic development.

Fields of Interest:

Global power shifts, Globalization, Regional political, economic, and business development


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