Alex Torpey

Alex Torpey

Managing Partner – Veracity Media

Alex Torpey is a New Jersey based entrepreneur and public servant.

Sworn into a four year term as the 48th Village President of South Orange in May 2011 as the youngest mayor in New Jersey at the time, he was the youngest in South Orange’s history. Alex has become a leading voice on millennial civics leadership, technology and transparency in government and small business innovation. He is a James Madison Fellow at the Millennial Action Project and on the Advisory Board of the New Jersey New Leaders Council and an adjunct faculty of governance and technology at Seton Hall University.

Alex founded and is a managing partner of Veracity Media, a non-partisan social-impact digital strategies consulting firm that helps nonprofits, political candidates and governments utilize digital media tools and grow their ability for impact through strategic development and growth. Veracity Media has been recognized on numerous occasions for its innovative approach to digital organizing and social impact vision and mission statements, which have allowed the company to launch unique “Social Impact Projects,” allowing team members to get directly involved in education, outreach and advocacy on issues important to them. Veracity Media’s vision is to advance — at local, state, national, and global levels — a body politic that supports free and open discourse; equity of educational, economic and political opportunity; protections of human and civil rights; sustainability; and economic and cultural freedom and advancement.


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